The first three videos you should commission for your business

Video is the most powerful marketing tool in business and should be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Overlooking it is a huge mistake for any business. But where should you start? We believe these three videos will have the biggest initial impact on your business.



The video business card is an incredibly powerful business marketing tool. A great one will not only get to the heart of your business but will do so in a way that emotionally engages with prospective clients and customers. 



These are some of the most effective videos any business can commission and go a long way in establishing trust with prospective customers. At Video Buffs we aim for authenticity when conducting interviews with your valued customers. We want to know how your service or product has impacted their business and the story behind it.



The product video’s job is to paint a picture that clearly points to a problem that the product solves. The best product videos appeal to viewers’ emotions and explain how your solution can help make their lives easier, better or more fulfilling. However, this type of video also legitimises your product to prospective viewers. 

With these three videos you can emotionally connect to your audience, legitimise your product or service and earn the trust of your prospective clients. Get in contact for a free video strategy session.